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About Goldrush

So what’s Goldrush music all about?

The Goldrush Band was founded in 2002 by Mary Beth and Gary Sippin, of Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Mary Beth and Gary have performed together for over three decades and have appeared on many national stages, such as the Grand Ole Opry, TNN, and hundreds of local concert venues. The Goldrush sound is a blend of music that crosses many boundaries of American music, but is rooted heavily in traditional country, bluegrass and American folk. That being said, Goldrush is well known for taking great songs from many other genres and giving them a new life powered by a broad array of acoustic instruments that portray these beautiful songs in a different light. Goldrush music is also simply based on the stuff that we really like to listen to!  Our musical range is very wide mostly due to the fact that the musical tastes of our musicians is equally broad. Overall, our sound is acoustically pure, energetic and harmonic. We are fortunate to have the flexibility with our sound mostly due to the fact that we have a lot of different instruments to choose from. Among the instrumentation are several styles of acoustic guitar, five string banjo, mandolin and tenor mandolin, dobro, pedal steel guitar, acoustic bass, piano and organ.  The Goldrush sound is also distinguished by our soaring vocals, featuring our founding band member Mary Beth Sippin. Her vocal range includes everything from high-energy rockers to the most intimate ballads. Our repertoire also features a significant volume of original material written by many of our band members.