Mary Beth Sippin…Biography

Mary Beth’s singing career started when she was about 5 years old singing to the radio and belting out tunes on the front porch…it just came natural.  It seems everyone knew it too, her first real performance came the same year…a local radio show singing gospel songs.  From there it was music everywhere…Mary Beth’s first professional band came when she was only 16, her Mom was terrified about the bars and the …hmmm…musicians…but she rocked on, cutting a clear path, and gaining a lot of recognition along the way.  There was all kinds of music, hard rock, dance music, big band, you name it.  The gigs were many, clubs, parties, weddings, out-door concerts.

Playing music was a lot of fun, but Mary Beth wanted to record.  With no experience, and with very little money, she set out to make here first recording. With a lot of help from some very special people the recordings were done and she had 2-great singles…Step Right Up, and I want You To Stay Here Tonight.  The singles got a lot of air-play and did well on the local music scene.  In between the gigs were a lot of different entertainment jobs…Radio commercials, voice-overs, cable television shows.  They all helped Mary Beth (AKA “MB”) hone her commanding stage presence.  Then one day came a big musical turn-around for Mary Beth…bluegrass.  Getting bored of the rock scene Mary Beth stumbled upon a musical influence that would change her musical direction, The Bluegrass Band Stringfling.  This was a radical departure from what Mary Beth was doing at the time, but it was a sound that she loved and wanted to be a part of.  Stringfling wasn’t just any bluegrass band…it was a bluegrass band that was comprised of some of the best talent around, including Dick Neal on the 5-string Banjo and Stacy Philips on Dobro…they had the instrumental talent, and knew that with a high energy vocalist, they could take the sound to a higher level.  After her time with the bluegrass band, Mary Beth met here future husband, friend and fellow musician Gary Sippin in a music club…the rest as they say…is history.   Mary Beth and Gary started a country rock band called Sunset Blues they did the clubs, the concerts…it was a lot of fun being “married to the music”.

Time passed and Mary Beth needed to get back into the studio again.  It was then she began to record the album “Back In My Home Town”.  Produced by Michael Terry this was one of Mary Beth’s favorite musical projects.  It was also a great opportunity to work with players like Larry Campbell (who played with Roseanne Cash and Bob Dylan) After 6 months in the studio, it was done, and getting great air-play and publicity.  The album took Mary Beth for New England, to Canada, to Nashville.  The album also gained a lot of attention in Europe where it was regularly played in Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and England.

Shortly after “Back In My Home Town” started circulating…Mary Beth got a call from a musician and friend who said ...I think I can get you on the Grand Ole Opry…it sounded unbelievable…but a few months later down to Nashville Mary Beth went.  The Show was the Grand Ole Opry Old Time Gospel Hour, hosted by the legendary Jimmy Snow.  Hooking up with a Nashville Band called 65 South, they hit the Opry stage and stole the show!  A year later, MB and the gang were invited back for a second appearance, which was just as good as the first.  A year after than, Mary Beth saw a Country talent show on the TNN network called Charlie Daniels Talent Round-up and decided to send in an audition tape…they loved it and she got on the show.  This time the band was Mary Beths own newly formed band the Diamond Spurs.  The competition was stiff…there were great performers, players, she didn’t think she would get too far…but they won the first show, then the second, then to the finals, she didn't win "the big one" but it sure was a lot of fun to be on the show and meet the "Big Guy".  Diamond Spurs turned out to be a great musical platform for Mary Beth.  Stretching here musical wings it was the start of many great things.  Mary Beth Sippin got to play many big venues and opened up for many big Country music names such as, Ray Price, Bill Anderson, and Ty Hernden. Today's journey is taking place with the Goldrush Band, and like the Goldrush miners of the old west, she has dreams of hittin’ it big some day.